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  • Company (also referred to as "The Company", "We", "Us", "Our", "Linkmin") refers to
  • Terms also referred to as Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use, is the agreement between you and the company.
  • Website/App refers to or any of its subdomains.
  • Service refers to this website and services provided by our apps.
  • You refers to individual, the company, or any entity who accessing/using our service. 
  • Location refers to any Country, State/Union Territory, City/Village etc. from where you are accessing/using our website.
  • Device refers to any computer, server, laptop, digital tablets, cellphones any digital equipments etc. which you are using to access our service.
  • Third-Party refers any content (including data, images, information, services, products, promotional or non-promotional), company, website, marketing tools, hosting server, data storage service provider, etc. which we are using to run our service.

If you are using our service, you are bound and agree to the following terms, which govern the relationship between you and us. Although, our service only for the people of the country India you must follow and respect all laws, rules and guidelines of the India and its territories as well as your country and country from where you are accessing our website directly or indirectly through proxy servers etc.

Account Terms

  • You must be 18 years or older to use Linkmin
  • You are required to provide a valid email address, legal fullname, and any other information requested in order to complete the signup process and/or continue to use Linkmin
  • You will not use Linkmin website or services for any kind of malicious/illegal/unauthorized activities. You must not, in the use of the service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright, spam, or trademark laws).
  • Linkmin reserves the right to terminate your use of the services upon the discovery that the information you provided is not complete or accurate.
  • You will not post any kind of content such as adult, nudity, abusive, harmful activity, porn, malware/adware/virus, copyright contents not belongs to you etc. Your content must be for good cause. If we found anykind illegal activity or restricted content we reserve rights to permanently delete your content and your account.
  • You will not use Linkmin to sell or provides products/services/contents which are illegal/harmful/abusive in your location.
  • You will not use Linkmin to sell any copyright, trademark content which you are not authorized to sell or provide.
  • You will take 100% responsibility of your contents/services/products and Linkmin don't take any kind of responsibility of your contents/services/products and/or data.
  • You will not copy or use our contents for your personal use or any other purpose.
  • You will not use any automated device/scripts/program/software/ such robot, spider or manual process to track, copy or monitor Linkmin.
  • You will not rese
  • You are also agree to our other policies such as, Cookie policy, Privacy policy, Payment/Cancellation policy, Return & Refund Policy etc.
  • Linkmin reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time with/without giving any reason.
  • Linkmin may modify, suspend or discontinue this service at any time, for any reason, at its sole discretion if the client is in breach of terms
  • Linkmin reserves the right to freeze, block, modify (if required), delete any data or contents etc without notify you or your permission.
  • Linkmin claims no ownership, responsibility or intellectual property rights over any of the content or materials you provide to Linkmin
  • If you have any issue or dispute related to our contents, policies, any intellectual copyrights or trademarks, etc. you will inform us and resolve it internally.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to use Linkmin and it's services.
  • You must not, in the use of the service, violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright, spam, or trademark laws).
  • You will not use Linkmin account which is not belogns to you or business.
  • If you allow other persons/agencies to manage your account on your behalf, then any content added/changes/deleted by that persons/agencies will be treated as if it was done you. You will be fully responsible of those contents, data, informations etc.
  • You cannot transfer or sell Linkmin account or username.
  • When you submit your personal information such as first name/last name/full name, email address, mobile number, gender, birth date etc. through our sign up form/contact us form, directly from our website or to APIs, you will automatically subscribe to our newsletter/messaging services and you are agree to receive promotional or non-promotional offers.
  • We may use your personal information such as name, email address, mobile number, date of birth, gender. which has been submitted by you or other individual/entity on your behalf using our service anywhere on our website such as Sign Up Form, Newsletter Subscription Form, Contact Us Form etc., to send you emails/messages about our latest promotional deals, contents and offers which can be related to our website or third parties.
  • If you do not want to receive such kind of promotional emails/messages, feel free to contact us to unsubscribe/opt-out. We will remove your email address/mobile number from our subscriber list and you will no longer receive such kinds of promotional emails/messages further except for emails which are added to the email messaging queue if there are any pending email notifications related to your email address or core feature. You can contact us to subscribe again for our promotional offers email notification anytime, but we reserve the right to approve or reject your request.
  • We do not send you any kind of adult, abusive, malicious/spam or things (services/offers) which we are not currently dealing with in the email or mobile etc. If you have received or still receiving such kind of email notifications, messages which appear as if they're from our website or email address. Please inform us using our contact us page. We will try to investigate as soon as possible on a high priority basis.
  • As we are using third party mobile/email messaging service/marketing providers to send you any kind of email/message notifications, so before clicking/opening any link in email/messages make sure it's from us and look good to proceed. You will be fully responsible by clicking/opening such kind of email even if it's from us.
  • As mentioned above, we are using third party email/mobile messaging / marketing tool to send you email/mobile notifications, so we have to share your data such as your personal  information name and email address, mobile number, gender, birth date etc. with such third-party service providers. And you do not have any objections and given your consent/approval while submitting the forms on our website.
  • As we using third-party services and also we may display advertisements, deals, offers and promotional contents from third-party directly or indirectly, you must read and follow third-party policies/terms etc. after redirected to their website or apps. Any action taken by you on third-party website, we do not take any kind liability or responsibility on your behalf, you will be sole responsible your activities or decisions. 
  • If You and Linkmin, cancel or terminate your account or service, all of your data, contents, information, documents, images, videos, files may be immediately deleted from the Service

Your Username

The username you choose must represent you and/or your business. You will not use or claim username this is abusive/vulgar/offensive/obscene, belongs other brands, copyrights, trademarks, name of another person, celebrity, country, state, city.

Username you claim to use must be appropriate for all audiences and does not infringe anyone's rights, including intellectual property rights

We reserve rights to change, delete, block, suspend or release username (so another person/brand can use) in case of violation Linkmin terms.

Payment & Subscriptions Terms

  • You can sign up to Linkmin on a free or paid plan and cancel at any time.
  • All payments are non-refundable and irreversible.
  • If you subscribed to paid plans/services/products which are offered by either Linkmin or anyone (such as content creators/service provider) who is selling products/services/contents through Linkmin, based on your current subscription plan you will be billed monthly, quarterly, yearly in advance and plan.
  • Once the initial period paid for has come to an end, the account will automatically renew on the same charge date and for the same package, unless you modify your package or cancel your account before the charge has taken place, as in line with our "Cancellation and Termination" terms.
  • Linkmin reserves the right to terminate or suspend an account for non-payment of the subscription dues
  • No refunds or credits will be granted for partially used or unused months of service.
  • Linkmin reserves the right to terminate or suspend an account for non-payment of the subscription dues.
  • All fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities, and you shall be responsible for payment of all such taxes, levies, or duties.
  • You can sell your contents/services/subscriptions through Linkmin and Linkmin take and deduct irreversible platform fees and/or transaction fees, taxes (if required) for each transaction. which will be fixed and/or percentage of your listing price.
  • If you are a seller of Services/Contents/Products/Subscriptions/Digital or Physical Products, you are as s seller or service provider fully responsible to fulfillment process and Linkmin is not liable or take any kind of fullfillment responsibility.
  • If you are a buyer of Services/Content/Products/Susbcriptions/Digital or Physical Product, you may contact Linkmin and we may or may not take action against respective account.
  • If you are purchasing any kind content/service/products/susbcriptions through Linkmin which is require fulfillment from account owner (content creator/service provider), you are only responsible for such kind of transactions and Linkmin donot care and responsible of fulfillment of your purchased or subscribed contents/services etc. So be careful before buying or subscribing to anythig and we suggest you to buy or subscribe to product or services contents etc. when you have trust on service provider.

Right to Changes to Service Charges/Fees

Linkmin reserve the right to add/change/ any kind fees with or without notice period. Such notice may be provided at any time by posting the changes to the Linkmin website (, in admin panel or via email. Existing account plans may not be automatically updated in accordance with these changes, but are eligible for service change, on request.

Cancellation and Termination

You are solely responsible for cancelling your susbcriptions in advance through Linkmin App Admin Billing section ( You may cancel your susbcriptions at any time before your next charge date. There is no cancellation fee.

All of your contents free/paid/susbcribed may be immediately deleted from the service upon cancellation/suspension/termination. Once your account/subscriptions is cancelled/suspendedterminated, your content/data may not be able to be recovered.


  • You will receive a non negotiable 75% payout for orders placed on your account profile.
  • Payouts are made through Stripe, so in order to process payouts, you must give all information require to process your payouts to Stripe
  • Payments are held for a period of 7 days after compleation of an order, at which point payment will be made to you on the following Friday, barring public holidays.

Referral Program

  • Every user with account will get a unique referral link in format (where username is currently active username).
  • When a visitor signs up using a referral link will be added a Referee (also called, Referred User) and the owner of referral link, also called, Referrer. In order to mark the sign up process as a successful referral signup, visitors must have to sign up via referral link only.
  • Referrers will earn income from revenue generated through their referee's public profile.
  • pays 5% of the total income earned by the referee after transaction fees (which is currently 2% - 5%, depending of payment method)
  • will pay referral fee to a referrer from the share that earned & retained from the valid successful transaction completed through the referee's public profile and does not affect the referee.
  • will automatically payout referrals everytime your referral fees balance is at least ₹5,000.00 (if payout amount is in Indian Rupee) or $100.00 (if payout amount is in US Dollar).
  • Referral payouts are subject to standard transaction fees. 
  • Referral payouts will be processed by payout payment partner and to receive your payout you must create and complete an account with our payout payment partner Stripe. 

Data Authenticity

We do not take responsibility of the authenticity of promotional/non-promotional campaigns/products, contents, offers, deals, services etc. of third-party or whatever showing on our website or using widget based apis, which were added in the past, or in present or in future in our website. You are the only will be sole responsible for any decision or activities performing in our website or after redirected to third party websites.

Data Loss

Linkmin does not take responsibility for the security of your account, data or content. You agree that your use of the Website/App or Services is at your own risk.

Right to Add/Modify/Delete

We completely reserve the right to add modify or delete any content, information, data, files, images, videos etc. from our websites, databases or servers anytime with or without to notifying you or anyone due to any/no reasons.

Right to Termination

We completely reserve the right to terminate, block, suspend, soft delete (data will remain on our database) or hard delete (data will also be deleted from database) any account, services or data belongs to you, your companies, your businesses, your team members, your users and customers, anytime with or without to notifying you or anyone due to any/no reasons.

Right to Change

We completely reserve the right to add, change or delete any features, services or policies from/to our website anytime in future without notifying you or anyone. It's our website and our terms and policies. You do not have any objections and you agree with this.


Although, we take website security issues very seriously, however, in case of any malicious attack on our website/server (where we have hosted our website or data/content related to the website), we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible but we cannot assure you till when it will resume as normal and you are absolutely fine with it. Due to such malicious attacks, although we will try our best, you may observe/notice unusual changes or contents on our website and your data may be leak. In such cases, you will not raise any objection to us.

No Warranty

We do not warrant that website or services provided will be Error-free, Viruses and Malwares free, Uninterrupted, Unbreakable and 100% secured from man-in-the-middle (hackers/attackers), when issues will be resolved, or free from other harmful components.

If you have any query, please feel free to contact us.

- Linkmin Team